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140 - Reversing wrong life choices | Silke Rosenbusch

Hi FI Europeans,

have you ever ask yourself how life would be if you haven’t chosen a certain life path?

If you would have studied something different

If you would have changed job earlier

if your husband had taken more parental leave and you could better accelerate your career

While you cannot change the past without a time machine you might want to go into a new direction in the present or future.

Today I talk about reversing “wrong” life choices with Silke Rosenbusch.

She had a tough time being an actor and was switching to a career in medicine. She is also side hustling since a decade

And now she is focusing family plans in a different way. Hope you enjoy this case study with Sike today! And sorry for the occasional background noise. There was a film team in my little studio while I recorded the episode.

We talk about

  • Working in art in your twenties
  • studying in your thirties
  • Getting kids in your forties
  • Minimalism and passive income
  • her cat and LA

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