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Special edition: biofilter


In this episode we will do a technical deep dive into the biofilter and have a closer look at what makes them work or not, namely the bacteria.

What is the purpose of the bacteria, and what does it take to establish an effective and viable biofilter? Is seeding the biofilter with the right bacteria, and then just leaving it, the best solution?

And which bacteria are the right ones?

We are very pleased to welcome Julian Beatty and Tom Scrope from Nova Q, VESOs new partner in RAS technology.

Together they possess an abdundance of knowledge and experience within the area of starting and maintaning biofilters.

We will go through the whole process from start up to a stable biofilter. In addition we will also have a look at what can go wrong, and especially what to do if things don`t go according to plan.

Link geosmin study:  https://www.veso.no/ras-right-geosmin-studie-2

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