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Friday Night Karaoke

Bring Out Your Broadway

Friday Night Karaoke
Friday Night Karaoke

It's Episode 60 of the Friday Night Karaoke Podcast, and the theme of the week was #FNKBroadway

Once upon a time, in a vibrant Facebook group not so far away, the FNK community embarked on a melodious quest to "Bring Out Your Broadway." This week, our enchanting podcast shines a spotlight on the stars who've taken the stage, bringing Broadway and Off-Broadway into our hearts and homes. Gather round, dear members of this magical karaoke kingdom, for a night of storytelling through song, where dreams are sung, and songs are lived. Tune in, cheer on, and maybe even find your next Broadway number to conquer. And remember, in the world of FNK, everyone's a star, and every song tells a story. So, what's yours?


  • Nancy Van Eindhoven kicks off the show with a razzle-dazzle, bringing "All That Jazz" from Chicago, reminding us that life's just a grand cabaret.
  • Darin Heninger reaches for the "Stars" of Les Misérables, proving that amidst the barricades of life, we can find our light.
  • Grace M ByteKween takes us on a lavish spree with "Big Spender" from Sweet Charity, where every note counts in the currency of song.
  • Paul Bright ascends beyond the fire escapes of West Side Story with "Somewhere," finding a place for us in his vocal embrace.
  • Heather Gurnari reveals the "Heart of Stone" from SIX, but fear not, for her voice is anything but cold, thawing the iciest of hearts.
  • Simone Tellier makes a bold "Leap of Faith" with The Lion King, reminding us that the circle of life is filled with melodies untold.
  • Niki Brown confesses "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked, weaving a tapestry of longing and unspoken dreams with every note.
  • And Jeff Matusicky, with a twinkle in his eye, declares "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton, ensuring his royal decree is heard across the FNK realms.

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Friday Night Karaoke
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