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Friday Night Karaoke

Cruisin' Karaoke is the Best Karaoke

Friday Night Karaoke
Friday Night Karaoke

It's Episode 49 of the Friday Night Karaoke Podcast, and the theme of the week was #FNKCruisin!

🚗🎵Ready to hit the high notes on the highway? It's time for the #FNKCruisin Theme Week in Friday Night Karaoke! 🎤🛣️☀️Let's all "Take It Easy" and "Drive My Car" as we share videos of ourselves belting out our favorite warm weather, windows-down, cruising tunes! Remember, there's no "Highway to Hell" here, it's all about having a "Good Vibrations" kinda time! 🎶Whether you're a fan of The Beach Boys or The Eagles, Queen or Journey, we want to see you "Rock You Like a Hurricane" or "Break Free" with your favorite road trip anthems. 🚘🎸Don't be "Under Pressure" – it's just a fun week of musical mayhem! So, "Go Your Own Way", "Hit the Road Jack", or even "Ride Like the Wind", as long as you're having a blast and singing your heart out! 💨💕🕰️"Life is a Highway", and we can't wait to see your performances that'll make us all want to "Cruise" with you! Let's make this week a "Summer of '69" to remember! 🎉🎊Stay groovy, FNK Cruisers, and happy cruisin'! 🎵🚗🌞

Featured in this episode alongside hosts Mike Wiston and Joe Rubin:

  • John Royston Ford with Your Song by Elton John
  • Lori Sue with Pasionate Kisses by Mary Chapin
  • Ronnie Sheirer with Passenger by Iggy Pop
  • Monique West with Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton
  • Tony Mo and Laura Brock with Hard to Handle by Black Crowes
  • Dea Pasha with TV by Billie Eilish
  • Diane Knight with I Drove All Night by Roy Orbison / Celine Dion
  • Brett Arellano with Eastbound and Down by Jerry Reed
  • Toni Kane with Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar
  • Khara Gregory with Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

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Friday Night Karaoke
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