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131: Filmskaper Khadar Ayderus Ahmed om tålmodighet


“I have always been an outsider”, says script-writer and director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed (40) who is now enjoying success with his first feature film Guled & Nasra (or the The Gravedigger's Wife in english). But it hasn’t come easy. He is self-thought and has spent the past ten years working on this film, on and off. With this film, shot in Djibouti, he is hoping to make European cinema more diverse. Khadar was born in Mogadishu in Somalia. At age 16 he arrived in Finland with his mother and siblings. How did he navigate his way into the industry? How did he cope with being an “outsider”? Why is patience one of the key factors to his success? Guled & Nasra premiered in Cannes earlier this year and have won awards at several film festivals. But perhaps most exciting; the film was just shown in Mogadishu, where there is only one cinema, and where no films have been shown since the civil war broke out 30 year ago. That made Khadar shed a tear <3 Interviewed by Christina Skreiberg