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Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids

You Odyssey This: Beach Party Gone Wrong

Oh Muses! This episode we finally find Odysseus and hear what he's been up to. We encounter strangers in their birthday suits, islands of birds, compassionate nymphs, consequences of actions, and Poseidon's rage.

National Geographic Kids Greeking Out is a kid-friendly retelling of some of the best stories from Greek mythology. This podcast is an extension of the Zeus the Mighty series by Nat Geo Kids. Check Out bit.ly/ZeusOut to meet Zeus the Hamster and his friends—Athena the cat, Ares the pug, Demeter the grasshopper, and many more—who also listen to the Greeking Out podcast. Watch a video, read an excerpt, or check out the truth behind the stories!

Greeking Out the book is available for pre-order: bit.ly/greekoutbook
Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids
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