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Hello Sport

#596 - R.I.P. DYOR

Hello Sport
Hello Sport

DYOR Dave is flying the nest.

Good Day Multivitamin, it's the least you can do. On sale tonight from 6pm, use code 'dribblers' for 20% off your order here: https://www.begoodhealth.com.au/

Neds. Whatever you bet on, Take it to the Neds Level. Visit: https://www.neds.com.au/

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00:00 - Farewell DYOR

10:56 - Greg Inglis To Tigers

29:44 - The Goat Algorithm

34:25 - Immortals

56:18 - Black Plague

1:02:23 - Rock Throwing

1:13:31 - Dribbles

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Hello Sport
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