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Hold My Drink with Charleen and Ellie

Saving Hold My Drink | Chats with GK Barry #72

When two podcasts collide! The hilarious Grace Keeling, aka GK Barry from the Saving Grace Podcast is our very special guest this week! Grace talks about going viral on TikTok during lockdown, starting a podcast (which she didn't want to do), her favourite guests and dealing with trolls online. She also tries to pronounce Irish names, which goes...well, you'll hear for yourself.

Grace gives her honest advice as she helps Charleen and Ellie with your Secrets From The Stalls? Should you let your brother's girlfriend (who you really don't think) come on a family holiday to visit you in Australia? Is your relationship just routine and toxic? And has your latex-loving boyfriend just become the biggest walking red flag?
Hold My Drink with Charleen and Ellie
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