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Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Episode 76: Reclaim Authenticity & Free Yourself from the Us vs. Them Paradigm with Holly Toronto (part 2)


In the second half of my conversation with Holly Toronto, we...

  • discuss the palpable dissonance in the body when we know what feels right for us and also know the potential social consequences we will face if we choose what's right for us
  • discuss the therapy world and enmeshment with binary belief and ideologies
  • talk about embodying our authenticity after growing up in environments that punished our authenticity
  • share about the necessity of a well-resourced nervous system when reclaiming authenticity
  • talk about knowing when full authentic expression is unnecessary without self-censoring and the role of discernment in checking ourselves
  • talk about developing relationships where we can be fully seen and held in our messiness as we learn to embody authenticity
  • discuss the use of labels and identity markers and whether they're helping us or hindering us
  • talk about showing up more authentically in romantic relationships
  • share about cultivating relationships where authenticity is ever-evolving and accepted as a gift rather than rejected as a threat
  • discuss the creation of monoliths, the othering of people, and the egoic need to be "right" — and how nothing in nature thrives in same-ness
  • elaborate on the difference between fitting in and belonging
  • talk about the expansiveness of letting go of an us vs. them mentality

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