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Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Episode 79: Responsible Spirituality — Spiritual Consumerism, Instagram Shamans, Red Flags, and Pre-Capitalist Practices with Anya Kaats


In this episode, astrologer and avant-garde thinker Anya Kaats and I...

  • share Anya's journey from her Jewish upbringing to her gender and sexuality studies, marriage, divorce, food blogging, chronic illness, agnosticism, and astrology
  • talk about the comfort of ritual and connection to something higher, the nature of belief, and the comfort found in belief
  • discuss the rise of spiritual influencers, spiritual bypassing of trauma, influencers promising life-changing psychic readings and secret "codes, and Instagram shamans circa 2017
  • discuss the nuances of responsible spirituality and how fragile spiritual spaces and practices can be without radical responsibility
  • share some of Anya's experiences in spiritual spaces with questionable boundaries and ethics
  • talk about some general red flags to watch out for so listeners can better discern and find a spirituality that honors reconnection to Self, Others, and the Planet
  • discuss the ancestral connection to the natural world in pre-historic, hunter-gatherer spirituality vs. capitalism and scientism
  • share various opinions on abundance as a potential for hoarding wealth and resources

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