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Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Episode 80: The Healing Is in the Opening (part 1) with Kirby Criddle


In this conversation with mystical force Kirby Criddle, we...

  • discuss the difference between intellectual understanding and embodied understanding
  • talk about the concepts of opening and closing as it relates to trauma, healing, the nervous system, and embodiment
  • discuss the effect of energy and its existence prior to how it manifests, first in the nervous system, and then in physical form
  • share Kirby's word for 2022 — confluence — and what it means to her
  • discuss the traumatized nervous system's tendency to reject entire concepts and make them "wrong" out of a deep fear of not being able to do it "right"
  • share the idea of sitting with the discomfort that's present, being curious about what's there, and allowing the discomfort to dissolve and create softeness and openness
  • talk about why it's so difficult to discern intuition from fear, particularly if we're disembodied
  • discuss our culture's skewed perception of self-trust
  • discuss the concept of the nervous system being in charge of physiological processes and also being like a radio receiver that picks up the frequencies of our egos or pain bodies and Higher Selves or souls
  • elaborate on openness as being access to a full range of human experiences, sensations, and emotions — not just happiness
  • share some of the modalities, like Body Talk, that Kirby uses with her clients
  • bring the heart and heart energy into the discussion about the nervous system and coherence
  • talk about being closed and why it's not "bad"

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