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Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Episode 81: Openness in the Body, Cosmic Spankings, & Vulnerability in Relationships (part 2) with Kirby Criddle


In the second part of my two-part conversation with Kirby Criddle, we...

  • share an instance when one of Kirby's clients had a spontaneous healing from hearing loss
  • talk about the upside and downside of "quantum leaps"
  • discuss Kirby's attempted cancellation over a video she made about triggers and self-responsibility
  • discuss triggers as a way we close and collapse around pain
  • share a story about Lindsey falling, experiencing constriction and closing energy, listening to her body, and shaking and how she remained open
  • talk about how openness allows us to suffer less and remain present and move through stress without it becoming trauma
  • explain what Kirby calls a "cosmic spanking"
  • talk about moving through judgment and shame to stay open
  • Kirby shares how different her online cancellation experience could've been if she'd had a Nervous System Hygiene Practice
  • share experiences when Kirby remembers consciously closing off and shutting down or exiling parts of herself
  • Kirby shares a story about a man she dated who lived a double life and how she convinced herself to ignore her intuition about it
  • discuss being closed as a familiar state
  • talk about the dance of opening and vulnerability in relationships and how we can trust both our opening and our closing

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