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Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Episode 82: Wake Up! Change Comes from the Bottom with Latonya Williams


In this episode with the fearless Latonya Williams, we...

  • discuss the small-scale Freedom Convoy and how it is a micro movement that mirrors the macro movement of collective awakening
  • discuss the 4 points Latonya made in an IG Live that went viral regarding the mass loss of freedom and pervasive surveillance and censoring of social media platforms and government
  • share some almost prophetic insight from Latonya's father, how she tried to ignore it to focus on her acting career, and how she ultimately found herself ignited to fearlessly speak up when she realized her dad was right all along
  • talk about how Latonya's personal healing and self-development led her to take her power back by making her unconscious conscious
  • discuss the seemingly humanitarian and philanthropic actions of men like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and how it's wolves in sheep's clothing
  • discuss the way people employ the use of the non-sequiter and ad hominem to shut down critical thinking and discredit those who question their opinions
  • discuss the media's bias and faulty reporting and how it perpetuates division and lies
  • share some of the corrupt, tyrannical things the Canadian government did from 2020-2022 and how that tyranny fucked the people while benefitting corporations and the elite
  • discuss the ongoing food shortages, inflation, increasing gas prices, impacts on farming, and the apocalypse 

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The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein

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