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How to Lend Money to Strangers

Community-sourced loans for SMEs, with George Cook (Honeycomb Credit)

How to Lend Money to Strangers
How to Lend Money to Strangers

I scheduled this episode to follow the Honey Badger episode because I liked the alignment of their names, but I could just as easily have linked it to the Wine Funding episode, because we're once again turning engaged fans into even more engaged financiers! Only this time, we're taking all comers.

So when George says Honeycomb is "helping business owners really activate this community of customers and fans and neighbours that they already have, and to level up those customers and turn them into evangelists for their business by getting them on board and then literally invested in the long term success of those businesses" we hear echoes of Maxime, who described his lenders as "the most sincere and genuine ambassadors you can dream of as a wine estate, because they're part of the adventure, and they share that with their friends."

You can find Honeycomb Credit and all their projects over at https://www.honeycombcredit.com/ Twisted's artisanal egg roll project is already funded in Chicago, but maybe check out InBox Beverage in Chestertown (MD) with their turnkey micro-brewing system; or Bless Thy Skin in Riverview (FL), a black-owned, woman-owned, family-owned business that specializes in skincare products and treatments; or even the Rockfish Oyster Bar, a new seafood restaurant coming to Cleveland’s Chagrin Falls neighborhood... there really are so many great options.

They're on LinkedIn, too, where they publish wonderful little glimpses into those projects and the impact that capitalised small businesses are making to their communities.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page, my action-adventure novels are on Amazon, some versions even for free, and my work with ConfirmU and our gamified psychometric scores is at https://confirmu.com/ and on episode 24 of this very show https://www.howtolendmoneytostrangers.show/episodes/episode-24

Oh, and I'll announce it properly, but I'll be recording an episode of this show at Money2020 Europe in June so if you're going to be there, too, let's meet up. And if you're not, but you would still like to participate in the show, reach out to me at https://www.howtolendmoneytostrangers.show/contact-us

Regards, Brendan

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How to Lend Money to Strangers
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