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In This Economy?!

In This Economy?!

In This Economy?!

Om In This Economy?!

Real people with real problems get realistic solutions. Your guide to understanding an unpredictable economy.

Are you stressed out about your finances? Feel like the odds are stacked against you? We are too. It feels like we should be able to afford all of these things as adults — a house, a car, raising children...even just a social life— but so many of us simply find it out of reach. How did the economy find itself here? Why are things the way they are? And how can we make it work anyway?

Each week, host Jordan Heath-Rawlings takes one of your problems and brings it straight to the experts. We find out how we ended up in this mess, and what you can do to achieve your personal goals. The economy might be unpredictable, but your success doesn’t have to be.



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