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Breaking Up With a Parent & Breaking Into the Music Industry - Uncut with Sam Fischer

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Joining the podcast today is the newest official member to the Life Uncut family Sam Fischer!

Sam just finished touring around the country and opening our live shows! Not only is he just the BEST & we genuinely have so much love for him but he's also hilarious and a real 'heart' person who shares so openly and makes everyone around him feel safe enough to be vulnerable themselves. Something we learnt about Sam along the tour is that he had a really interesting start to the music world & a complex relationship with his family.
We chat:

  • Having a song as big as 'This City' catapult him into the spotlight and then the pandemic hitting
  • The pressure to follow up on that success
  • Navigating a really complex relationship with his dad
  • What led to him eventually cutting contact
  • Whether his bad relationship with his dad has affected his want to have kids of his own
  • How men can be really self conscious about hair loss/going bald

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Life Uncut
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