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Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

The Negative Thought Trap

Paul delves into the topic of negative thoughts and the power of awakening from a dream state. He explores how our thoughts can shape our reality and limit our potential, urging listeners to break free from old programming and limiting beliefs, and guiding you through an exercise to envision your ideal future, emphasising the importance of waking up to one's true potential

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  • Dealing with negative thoughts is a common struggle for many individuals, with over 70,000 thoughts passing through our minds daily.
  • It is essential to be mindful of the series of thoughts we choose to focus on, as they can impact our emotions and actions.
  • Awakening from a dream state mindset involves challenging limiting beliefs, questioning thoughts, and envisioning an ideal future.
  • The world is predominantly in a dream state, with individuals caught up in conditioned pain and divisive mindsets perpetuated by leaders and public figures.


"I know how hard it is and this podcast is here to keep reminding you of your potential, what you're capable of."

"I'm not the victim. I'm the creator. I am not the victim. I am the creator."

"The world is mostly asleep. You can see the pain, you can see the hurt being caused by people who are in a dreaming state."

"You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free."


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Paul Sheppard

Paul Sheppard is a life-transforming anxiety and mindset coach, hypnotherapist, and host of the top ten Mindset Change podcast. He is on a mission with his holistic approach to help everybody set themselves free from limiting mindsets and feel less anxious and more empowered.

Paul coaches people 121 or in groups online around the world, and you can reach him here.

Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast
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