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Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

Your Wake Up Call

Paul delivers a powerful wake-up call to listeners who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their true purpose. Through thought-provoking questions and insightful reflections, he encourages you to break free from societal conditioning, awaken your consciousness, and develop the ultimate mindset for personal liberation

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  • We transform our mindsets by recognising the importance of seeking truth and breaking free from conditioning.
  • Good health is the foundation for awakening and realising one's truth, as ill health can hinder the process of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Break free from illusions that hold you back. Join an inner circle focused on developing the ultimate mindset.
  • Explore your present moment without the burden of problems, aiming to evoke an experiential response rather than a cognitive one.


"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine inside yourself."

"You are not meant to be caged. You are not meant to be living in captivity."

"Ill health makes it a struggle to wake up and realise your truth."

"I believe that the matrix can remain our cage or it can become our chrysalis that to be free."


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Paul Sheppard

Paul Sheppard is a life-transforming anxiety and mindset coach, hypnotherapist, and host of the top ten Mindset Change podcast. He is on a mission with his holistic approach to help everybody set themselves free from limiting mindsets and feel less anxious and more empowered.

Paul coaches people 121 or in groups online around the world, and you can reach him here.

Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast
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