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Next Question with Katie Couric

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Optimistic

When it comes to priorities, Julia-Louis Dreyfus has had hers in place for a long time. As a young mother when she played Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, Julia had to figure out how to separate the demands of working on set, from the demands of being a committed parent. Even so, she tells Katie, “Being a mother who is working outside the home is a bitch. It’s very difficult to do both well.” On this episode of Next Question, Katie and Julia discuss the challenges of maintaining a healthy sense of self worth — a central theme of Julia’s new movie, You Hurt my Feelings. They also candidly discuss the ways that older women feel “liberated” from these concerns, as Julia has learned from her new hit podcast, Wiser Than Me (hint: they “don’t give a shit”).

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the host of the new podcast Wiser Than Me produced by Lemonada Media.

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Next Question with Katie Couric
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