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Not Alone

Attachment Theory: Secrets to a Successful Relationship with Julie Menanno

Not Alone
Not Alone
The core idea of attachment theory is that humans, as social beings, have an innate need to form close emotional bonds and attachments with others. It has profound implications for understanding human relationships, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and parent-child relationships. 

Valeria welcomes licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julie Menanno for an eye-opening conversation about our individual attachment needs. We kick things off by exploring the foundations of attachment theory and what it means to parent with an attachment-focused mindset. The different attachment styles take center stage, shedding light on how they shape our emotional bonds and behaviors.

They touch on the typical environment for avoidant attachment and why being dismissive with your partner can be a red flag and the pitfalls of relationship advice found online and why it's often based on conflict. Plus, we'll reveal the intriguing fact that only half of our attachment needs are met in our relationships.

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:30 The attachment theory

04:45 Parenting with an attachment mind

07:14 The different attachment styles

11:24 Disorganized attachment

14:02 Attachment style starts in childhood

15:44 Couples with different attachment style

19:09 Bridging the gap between the different attachment styles

23:23 Practice self check-in before reacting

25:51 The typical environment for avoidant attachment

29:43 Being dismissive with your partner

34:59 Triggers can be the small things

37:32 Do the work during bond building

38:27 The guide to create an attachment friendly environment

40:38 Attachment style with your children

42:57 Are you an anxious parent?

45:39 Men are avoidant, women are anxious type

47:43 Can’t masculine and feminine energy co-exist within us?

49:21 Does our attachment style affect our feminine/masculine energy

51:02 Relationship advice online are enemy-based 

53:54 Only half of our attachment needs are met

56:43 Ways understand you and your partner’s attachment needs

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Not Alone
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