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Not Just the Tudors

When London Shipped Poor Children to America

Not Just the Tudors
Not Just the Tudors

In 1618, almost 100 impoverished children from London - some as young as eight - arrived in Jamestown, Virginia to labour in the growing colony. It was the first example of transporting children to colonies that would continue into the twentieth century. 

In this episode of Not Just the Tudors, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb finds out more from Dr. Deborah Albon whose groundbreaking research traces the lives of these children from urban poverty, through incarceration in Bridewell to, if they survived the Atlantic crossing, a life no less miserable in the New World.

**WARNING: This episode contains some graphic descriptions of violence against young people**

This episode was edited and produced by Rob Weinberg

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Not Just the Tudors
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