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PC Perspective Podcast

Podcast #721 - RIP Microsoft, Solidigm Synergy, Intel's Terrible Quarter, Arc GPU News, AMD TPM exploit and MORE

PC Perspective Podcast
PC Perspective Podcast

It's our seven hundred and twenty-first podcast! And what a podcast it is. We even had a fake visit from Allyn, who didn't join us because I forgot to ask him to. And so many other topics like Ryzen burns, AMD TPM exploited, NVIDIA supply issues, and Intel loses billions and rebrands!

00:00 Intro
01:17 Burger of the Week
02:58 RIP Microsoft ... branded keyboards and mice
04:45 No more features updates for Windows 10, either
06:59 More pointless pontification about Ryzen burnouts
12:37 A fake cameo from Allyn Malventano!!
13:34 Solidigm Synergy 2.0 released - a free performance boost
19:26 Intel loses billions in worst quarter ever
24:08 AMD also lost money
27:27 Intel might re-brand Core CPUs because marketing fixes everything
30:18 Arc update: employees hint at Battlemage and Celestial GPU process nodes
31:40 More Arc! This time, Matrox has Intel inside
34:15 NVIDIA supply rumors
36:09 Some RTX 4070 vs RX 6950 XT chatter
39:40 Podcast sponsor - Bloomberg Careers
40:56 Security Corner
45:56 Gaming Quick Hits
52:31 G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-7200 memory reviewed
56:20 PNY EliteX-PRO60 SD card for 4K video (and what V30, V60, and V90 mean)
1:00:25 Picks of the Week
1:07:02 Outro
1:07:31 Tire

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PC Perspective Podcast
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