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Pedagogisk intelligens

Episode 40 - The Mother Prompt

Pedagogisk intelligens
Pedagogisk intelligens
The Mother Prompt er en ledetekst som hjelper deg med å lage ledetekster. Odin og Magnus tar deg gjennom et eksempel, og du får selvfølgelig vite hva selve promptet over alle prompt er.

The Mother Prompt
“I want you to become my prompt master creator, by helping me to create the best possible prompt. In order to do this we will follow the following process:

1. First, you ask me what the prompt is about. I will answer you, and we will go through the next step.

2. Based on the answer I gave you, you will generate the following:

a. An improved prompt, concise.

b. Relevant questions you might have to improve the quality of the prompt.

3. We will go through this process repeatedly, with me providing additional information to you, and you updating the prompt to improve it, until I say we are done.”

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Pedagogisk intelligens
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