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Pillow Talks

Ask Us Anything Part 4: This Time It’s Personal

Pillow Talks
Pillow Talks

It’s time for another one of your favorite episodes - Ask Us Anything! This time, let’s skip the business questions and keep it personal.

We asked you to send in the questions you’ve been dying to know, and you delivered! Religion? Sex position burnout? The ways we still embarrass ourselves with each other? You bet! We cover it all and more, so make yourself comfortable and feel free to giggle along as we reveal all sorts of things for the sake of the podcast. We hope these topics (and our sometimes controversial answers) start some conversations that you never knew you needed to have!

Links & Resources:

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Dirty Talk

Initiation 101

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Check out the show notes at vmtherapy.com/episode86

Pillow Talks
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