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Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

Season 3 - Electronic Cities (European-Sheffield) - Martyn Ware

On Electronic Music Cities week - Martyn Ware, born and brought up in Sheffield. ⁠

In the podcast now online, he talks about growing up in Sheffield, his family, and Meatwhistle - the youth club where he met Ian Craig-Marsh, and their first experimental beginnings which were to turn in the Human League. Martyn Ware talks about the early days of the British Electric Foundation (BEF) and Heaven 17, with Glenn Gregory. He also talks about how he was instrumental in resurrecting Tina Turner's career, how architecture affects life in cities, and his life today.⁠

⁠Electronic Cities - Podcast Interview with Sébastien Darchen is also online.⁠

Coming Up;⁠

Wednesday; Berlin - Podcast interview with Mark Reeder.⁠

Thursday; Berlin - Podcast interview with Westbam.⁠

Friday; Düsseldorf - Podcast interview with Wolfang Flür.⁠

Martyn Ware's biography is out at the moment on all platforms. He makes a fascinating listen, so look out for his book too.⁠

And thanks to POP; The History Makers insanely wonderful talent booker: #ArchieCMichael

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Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame


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