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QAA Podcast

Episode 221: Plasma Vampires & the Blood Business feat Kathleen McLaughlin

QAA Podcast
QAA Podcast
Forget adrenochrome. There's a very real network of private companies extracting blood plasma from financially precarious Americans and selling it (and its derivatives) for piles of money on the global market. They target parts of the country in economic decline and incentivize plasma sellers to become repeat visitors to their centers, despite the physical downsides of the process. Our guest this week is Kathleen McLaughlin, author of Blood Money: The Story of Life, Death and Profit Inside America's Blood Industry.

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Kathleen McLaughlin: https://twitter.com/kemc / https://kemc.substack.com
Blood Money: The Story of Life, Death, and Profit Inside America's Blood Industry

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Music by Max Weber. Editing by Corey Klotz.
QAA Podcast
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