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Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio

Our annual holiday listener question show; Where does the rubber from tires go? Can a laser cut through a mirror? Why don’t some animals vomit?


How close would you have to be to the source of gravitational waves to physically notice them or for them to do damage?; Where does the rubber from tires go?; Why have humans evolved handedness?; What is the evolutionary advantage of menopause?; Rabbits, mice, rats and horses don't vomit. Why is that?; What is the the environmental impact of space flight, and space tourism in particular?; Why do mammals have a body temperature of approximately 36 degrees Celsius?; Can a laser cut through a mirror?; Is scrapping an old gasoline-powered car and replacing it with a new electric one always better for the environment?; If our bodies completely change all their cells over a period of time, shouldn’t scars disappear as new cells replace damaged ones?