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Radical Broccoli

What happens when we let failures define our self worth

Radical Broccoli
Radical Broccoli

Hi friends, today we are diving into something very important that has been surfacing lately. It's difficult to talk about, but we need to go there. What happens when we make a mistake, and let ourselves feel like a mistake? What happens when we fail, but tell ourselves that it makes us a failure?

We also talk about rest-month in the RB membership, and how allowing ourselves to rest is often a self-worth matter. As a productivity-addict, I know that we often have a lot of resistance to rest. At the same time, rest can be the only thing that makes us more efficient, that helps us recover, process and recharge.

What if we started to look at ourselves as worthy?
What if we started to look at ourselves as worthy of rest?
What is we allowed ourselves to make mistakes?
What if we remembered how we are worthy of love and belonging, no matter what we do?

Lets dive into this together


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Radical Broccoli
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