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Recorded History

Recorded History

Recorded History

Om Recorded History

Recorded History, hosted by Ed Smith, is a series where you get to hear about the lives and histories of your favourite artists… and theirs.

New episodes released every Sunday feature Ed in conversation with homegrown and international musicians, writers, artists and creatives about the three records that have defined their lives. This isn’t yet another podcast highlighting the coolest, edgiest or most rarefied records people have in their collection – it’s not even just for people “in the know”. This is a podcast for everyone, where we celebrate the personal relationship people have with the music they listen to.

You'll hear some unexpected musical choices, featuring forgotten favourites from across the musical spectrum from rock, to house, to pop alongside fascinating personal histories from our guests.

Whether it’s an album that soundtracked their first breakup, a song they danced to at a wedding or a cassette they wore down while learning to drive – Ed warmly and humorously guides his guests through their musical memories.

Created and executive produced by Dee Reddy for GoLoud, the show is proudly supported by TheRecordHub.com


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