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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

The Cuomo Legacy and New York's Political Crossroads

Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
This week on The Enemies List, Rick is joined by New York City journalist, TV anchor, and NY Mag columnist Errol Louis. Together, they discuss the legacy of Mario Cuomo, touching upon his influence on the Democratic Party and New York politics, as well as his unique rhetoric and decision not to run for president. They also discuss current political dynamics in New York, the evolution of the Republican Party, and the career and potential comeback of Andrew Cuomo. Additionally, they explore rising anti-Semitism in New York and across the country.
Listen to Errol's new podcast, You Decide with Errol Louis.

[00:01:32] The last liberal
[00:05:22] Hamlet on the Hudson
[00:08:39] Evolution of the GOP
[00:11:21] District lines
[00:13:13] George Santos
[00:15:13] Andrew Cuomo
[00:22:16] Rising anti-semitism

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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
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