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170. The Meaning of Homemaking: A Beautiful & Creative Pursuit | Rebekah Merkle

Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life

Our current culture has come to think of homemaking as boring or unimportant.  The role of women in the home is largely undervalued.  Bekah Merkle is on a mission to change that by helping women to own the beauty, creativity, and innovation within their role as homemakers.

In our conversation, Bekah takes us through the history of how feminism has impacted the woman’s role and how we can begin to reclaim the importance of this high calling.  Whether you are a new homemaker or have been making a home for decades, may this conversation remind you of your significance in your family and in the world.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How culture has been wrong about the significance of homemakers
  • Differing perspectives on education for women
  • What classical education offers to families
  • Imagining what it looks like to embrace homemaking in our modern world
  • How the internet influences our homemaking pursuits
  • The underappreciated value of an excellent homemaker
  • Looking at the ups and downs of feminism throughout history
  • Finding your vision for creativity and joy in homemaking

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