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Straight Outta Cobham - A show about Chelsea

Ice cold Palmer stuns City in 4-4 thriller

WHAT. A. GAME. !!!
Matt Davies-Adams has Simon Johnson and Luke Bosher alongside him to reflect on the extraordinary 4-4 draw with Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.
We take your thoughts and questions - lauding Cole Palmer, the character and spirit showed by the players - and what an important week it's been for Mauricio Pochettino.
It was a good weekend all round - with CFCW picking up a 3-0 victory at Everton and the U21's tasting victory at Leeds.
We're taking our own imposed international break - but we'll be back next Thursday to look ahead to the trip to Newcastle once the Premier League returns!
Produced by Lucy Oliva.
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Straight Outta Cobham - A show about Chelsea
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