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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast

I Can't Just Stand By and Not Challenge this Nonsense

Let loose the dogs of phwoar because it's a smoking hot episode of Taskmaster: The People's Podcast. Boy oh boy is this one packed full of dubious takes. Is it the moment when Lou finally snaps? Have we pushed this post-modernist nightmare as far as it can go?

We'll also be hearing a lot from YOU the people. Without you we'd simply be The Taskmaster Podcast and I have a feeling that name might be taken. From goofs and bloops, to parties and smart-(observation)-ies we love hearing from you so please keep sending them in!

Lou and Jack will, as always, be analysing this week's episode with Kiell the comeback king as well as coming up with a few solutions of their own for the tasks.

If you want to share your Taskmaster obsession, whether it's talking about your favourite task, what you loved from the latest episode or that you've invested heavily into the shops that sell eggs, aubergines, pineapples and rubber ducks in a 5 mile radius of the Taskmaster house and are now turning a pretty profit, we're all ears. As always, you can leave a voice note on the Fanswering machine. The number is 07810 025570. Alternatively send us an email at the address below. Your time starts... NOW!

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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast
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