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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast

International Guest - Danielle Walker

Saddle up cowboy and/or cowgirl because it's time to tame the bucking bronco that is Taskmaster: The People's Podcast. Can you believe the absolute catch we have on the episode this week, only Danielle Walker, contestant and *SPOILER ALERT* - for those that don't want to know the results of the first series of Taskmaster Australia, please put down your device immediately.

...winner of the first series of Taskmaster Australia. You name it, we talked about it, from feral pigs to the black market in carnivorous plants and everything in-between including, of course, Taskmaster.

Lou and Jack will be getting their big old teeth stuck into the rump of episode six, discussing the highs, lows, controversies and Jack's potty mouth. Also, listen out for our sound-measuring goof and bloop this week sent in by the mysteriously located Otto.

If you want to share your Taskmaster obsession, whether it's talking about your favourite task, what you loved from the latest episode or that you've watched every series of Taskmaster backwards in order to hear Greg's satanic subliminal messaging and now you've got a real urge to cook 4-5 Sunday roasts a week, we're all ears. As always, you can leave a voice note on the Fanswering machine. The number is 07810 025570. Alternatively send us an email at the address below. Your time starts... NOW!

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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast
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