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The Corona Diaries

Chapter 119. The podcast, after the podcast, after the night before.

Now that is what I call a week.

Literally just popped back from Denmark (where I am supposed to be on holiday) so I could join Trevor Horn on stage at the Cropredy Festival and sing a few songs. Ant came along for a giggle (and a Mr Whippy '99 courtesy of Ms Jordache) and a great time was had by all.

The happy upside to this was that we were able to record an on-location special chapter of TCD in my back garden (as you will hear).

So settle in for a not-quite-normal episode, with expansed auralness.

Apologies for the lack of diary and crooncast this week (I had a plane to catch) and sorry this is a bit late. On the plus side, I am including an excellent awful Mexican busker I ran into in Guadalajara.

Love, lavender and distortion

Forrest Gump

The Corona Diaries


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