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The Digital Sisterhood

Behind The Scenes Of The Opener

The Digital Sisterhood
The Digital Sisterhood
We are giving you all a BONUS episode! Yes you have heard it right! We are back with S2 of 'After the Show" a SPECIAL access to behind the scenes content which includes extended interview cuts, notes from the producer and all the archival content we don't get to include in the episode! Now that you have listened to Bending the knee, we wanted you guys to get to hear Cadaar speak about her experience recording this personal episode.
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In this episode Cadar and Khweya delve into their podcast journey and the work that is put in the season opener. Cadar tells us more about the profound impact her friendship with Maryan has had on her life as well as the catalyst moment that pushed her to start The Digital Sisterhood. The girls also share more about imposter syndrome and the feeling of not doing enough.

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The Digital Sisterhood
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