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The Digital Sisterhood

Stepping Into The Light

The Digital Sisterhood
The Digital Sisterhood
SEASON 3 EPISODE 4 - Stepping in to the light
When Cadar stumbles across an article featuring today's guest Shazrina binti Azman also known as Mizz Nina , she was so compelled by her story and that she set out to ask the former pop star why she decided to step away from the lime light and in to the noor of Islam.
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This episode was brought to you by Beautiful Light Studios

Host: Cadar Mohamud
Executive Producer: Muna Scekomar
Guest Producer: Sawsan Abdillahi
Guest Editor: Lamisah Chowdhury
Assistant Producers: Nima Harun, Khweya Bezeid
Graphic Designer: Wasima Farah
Marketing Extraordinaire: Sawsan Abdillahi

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The Digital Sisterhood
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