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The Digital Sisterhood

What's love got to do with it?

The Digital Sisterhood
The Digital Sisterhood
To kick things off in TDS style, we charge RIGHT into our most anticipated mid-season return of all: the one that we’ve dubbed as LOVETEMBER. Lover girls around the globe are invited to join us as we ask the big questions: when will MY time for love come? Is there still hope, through all trials and tribulations, for us to grow into each of our own love stories? Fear not, dear listeners, as we embark on this journey to find out what love truly means together;
In your ears, and in your speakers, telling you a good LOVE story. Several, in fact!

Host: Cadar Mohamud
Guest Producer: Sawsan Abdillahi
Lead Producer: Hanna Adan
Editor: Sara Emira
Script: Naomi Wirsta, Sara Emira
Graphic Designer: Wasima Farah
Project Manager: Maaheen Khan 
Sound Designer: Youssef Douazo
Marketing Extraordinaire: Sawsan Abdillahi

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The Digital Sisterhood
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