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Enganging Union with God in everyday life with Janita Lavonen


This episode is all about enganging Union with God in everyday life with Janita Lavonen. The guest today is Janita Lavonen, sister, mentor and my co-creator & previous client.

This episode is a beautiful co-creation about the following topics:

  •  Why everything in life comes to connection with God and trusting God
  •  How to stop the inner war and understand your mind in its original design
  •  The meaning of faith on our path
  •  The wave of goodness taking over the story on this planet
  •  We are already in God and how to engage the union in your everyday life
  •  How to come back to your original nature through dedication 
  •  How to help others and remain nurtured yourself

Janita is a mentor, yoga teacher and a therapist. She is here to help you to connect with your deepest self and with God and to live your life from that place. She is here to support you to express yourself truly from your essence. In her work, she uses the tools of craniosacral therapy, yoga and non-violent communication. 

Connect with Janita:

IG: @janitalavonenWebpage: https://janitalavonen.fi/

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