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Ep. 43: Our Dream Motorcycle Garages 2023 & BMW R 1250 R & RS Launch Trip!

Up top, Rob (MOTOBOB) and Tim (Rarefied Road) discuss their upcoming scrambler weeks: Tim heading out on the Ducati Scrambler launch and Rob on the Honda CL500 Scrambler. Rob also recaps his recent trip with BMW and the stars of the riding world. He shares his thoughts after riding the R 1250 R & the RS on the twisty Spanish roads and his day riding the S 1000 RR on the track (‘squeezed into his leathers’).

Then they get really into it, discussing what they would choose if money was no object to fill their 2023 Dream Garages: each picking their favourite commuter, off-road/ adventure, and road bikes! Some interesting choices are afoot...

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