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The Game Football Podcast

Both United's out with a whimper and Wally Downes – founder of the ‘Crazy Gang’

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Tom Clarke is joined by regulars Martin Samuel and Gregor Robertson and special guest Wally Downes. They look back on the weeks champions league fixtures and the exit of Manchester and Newcastle United from Europe. Were Newcastle naïve to not kill off a game they led in? Did Manchester United even put up a fight?

After the break a reflection on Wally’s career in football, from being one of the founders of the crazy gang at Wimbledon through to his time in coaching throughout the leagues.




2’ Newcastle, yes they were good, yes they have progressed. But they still lost.

5’ Injuries and fatigue affected them.

7’ May well dip into transfer market.

8’ Limitations because of FFP

11’ Newcastle are not well known outside of the UK. That creates problems with income.

15’ It was nip and tuck, they were unfortunate. They are still ahead of schedule.

Man Utd

16’ Lost their identity. Buying the wrong players with the wrong attitude.

17’ Delusions on grandeur. Needs a sea change a policy change.

19’ Anthony given chance after chance. Dan James wasn’t

20’ look at the subs, not good enough.

22’ Man Utd did well to stay in the game, no chance of winning it.

24’ There is desperation now.

26’ Modern football doesn’t suit Man Utd – not as much up and at em’

28’ Red flag over Sancho.

Arsenal and Man City

30’ Both look good. Could draw each other.

31’ Final year of the current champions league format


Life and Career of Wally Downes

35’ Debut for Wimbledon at leatherhead – balled out by his keeper wrestling players and punched the keepers  brother in law.

38’ Style of play

40’ shuttle runs, fitness and 3 mile runs.

42’ not a cake walk to the top. Played on the crazy gang tag.

45’ they had very good players and developed good players.

47’ “can’t afford to show respect, we’d have got our arses kicked.” Never got cocky.

48’ Alan Cork took his boots off…”they’re not crossing to me.”

52’ Vinnie Jones story.

55’ Coaching style

59’ Nothing new under the sun, most tactical analysis is the same as it always was, just a different name.

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The Game Football Podcast
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