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The Indisposable Podcast™

Stopping Single-Use in the Shower


This week, tune in for another special episode in our series for The Reusies™ as host Matt Prindiville sits down with Lindsey McCoy, CEO and Co-Founder of Plaine Products – the 2021 Fan Favorite Reuse Company award winner at the National Reuse Awards. Plaine Products delivers its personal care and beauty products directly to consumers in reusable aluminum containers, along with a prepaid mailer to return old bottles for washing and refilling. Learn how Plaine Products came about as the first beauty company to employ a reusable packaging business model, and how the company is leading others to do the same.

Plus: Through December 21, donate any amount to Upstream and unlock exclusive discounts and promo codes to a variety of reuse businesses in the 2021 Holiday Shopping Guide – Plaine Products included!