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The Junkees - Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan

Splice vs Split - Summer Showdown!


Pretty sure it was Mungo Jerry who sang, "In the summer time when the weather is fine... you got ice cream, you got ice cream on your mind."

Splitting/splicing hairs for this Summer Showdown.
Splice, pine-lime flavour
Split, lemon-lime flavour

Backed up with Blind Tests!

SPOILER ALERT - these are rare and exotic samples that don't have ready websites to link to.

Lemon flavoured french fries from a Chinese grocer, from Dave.
Smoked Tomato Chappy's Chip, from Kitty.
Banana Kick, artificial banana flavoured puff made by Nongshim, from Dave,  Available on Amazon
Dill Pickle Chappy's Chip, from Kitty


The next episode/s will be some best of specials. Things are on hiatus as Kitty and Dave needed a break sooner or later.


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Big shout out to Audio Technica - The Junkees use Audio Technica AT-BP40 microphones. Sounding good!


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