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The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

AEW Unmatched Series 2!


The Major Wrestling Elves are BACK and we get down to business with the major review and giveaways (5:25) and then discuss last week's follow up (7:30)! We then have a stacked news segment to discuss the mattel "reveals" and more (13:05) and follow that up with the Ringside top ten (27:29). We then get weekly purchases (28:50) including the Major mark purchases of the week (1:04:04). Next we talk about the Incarnation of Domination for Texas Tornado/Kerry Von Erich (1:16:30), and we answer some questions with our Q and A (1:25:44)! We finish out the show with Good House Keeping and all our plugs and upcoming events (1:36:30)!

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