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The Matt Walker Podcast

#55 - Targeting Insomnia (With Dr. Michael Grandner)

The Matt Walker Podcast
The Matt Walker Podcast

In the podcast, sleep expert Dr. Michael Grandner engages in a conversation with Matt about insomnia. They delve into the subject by defining what insomnia is, examining its causes, understanding its implications, and discussing potential remedies. An important distinction is made between short-term insomnia and chronic insomnia. They highlight that chronic insomnia often evolves into a standalone problem.

One of the major talking points is the significant impact of insomnia, which is believed to affect approximately one-third of the population. There is an emphasis on its connection to both physical and mental health. Some of the physical health problems linked to insomnia include diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and inflammation. However, it is in the realm of mental health that insomnia’s effect is most stark, especially in relation to depression and anxiety disorders. Alarmingly, it is noted that insomnia can triple the risk of suicide. It is clear that the treatment of insomnia is not just about increasing the amount of sleep but also enhancing the quality of sleep for overall health improvement.

Dr. Grandner doesn’t stop there; he further probes the complexities of insomnia and the phenomenon of conditioned arousal. He makes an insightful comment on how putting more effort into falling asleep can, counterintuitively, only increase stress levels. Furthermore, the conversation takes an interesting turn as they talk about how different factors like race, ethnicity, and societal influences can create disparities in sleep patterns. Another aspect Dr. Grandner touches upon is the distinct sleep challenges that women face, particularly during pregnancy and perimenopause. He also discusses how sleep can be disrupted by various factors such as medication and its timing.

Please note that Matt is not a medical doctor, and none of the content in this podcast should be considered medical advice in any way, shape, or form, nor prescriptive in any way.

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The Matt Walker Podcast
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