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The Teacher's Trial

The Teacher's Accuser Episode 5: Truth

The Teacher's Trial
The Teacher's Trial

"The accused committed an act of carnal knowledge while she was 16 years of age in his and his pupil.”

That was the judgement of Judge Sarah Huggett, who found Christopher Michael Dawson guilty of carnal knowledge on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. She said the complainant’s evidence had a “ring of truth” that could only lead her to this stunning conclusion.

In this episode Hedley Thomas, Claire Harvey, David Murray, and Matthew Condon discuss the verdict, as well as Chris Dawson’s reaction to it and what it means for the family of Lynette Dawson.

To read The Australian's reporting and analysis of the trial and verdict, search The Teacher's Accuser or visit theteachersaccuser.com.au.

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The Teacher's Trial
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