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The Terri Cole Show

Boundary Setting Success: How You Say it Matters

The Terri Cole Show
The Terri Cole Show

Do you find yourself exploding when you finally set boundaries because you waited too long to communicate them?

Is it difficult for you to assert your preferences and desires?

Or does it feel like you can’t control your tone of voice or the energy you bring to a boundary conversation?

If this resonates, you are not alone. Many of my clients and students experience these challenges. And while it might feel like setting boundaries is ineffective right now, this does not have to be where your boundary journey begins and ends.

Because I see this so often, this entire episode is about bringing the appropriate tone and body language to the boundary-setting process. You’ll also get proactive boundary success steps to ensure your tone and body language match what you say and how you want it to be received.

Read the show notes for this episode at terricole.com/500

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The Terri Cole Show
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