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29. becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself and feel good habits ft @katelynnnolann


Its time to put on your cute matching set, grab your water-bottle, lace your shoes up and go for you hot girl walk!! Enjoy the fresh air and escape for a little while to hangout with Katelynn and Trin. This week, Trin discusses all things wellness and becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself with Katelynn Nolan. Katelynn is a self love and wellness influencer from Arizona! She also is the host of Not Your Typical podcast. In this episode,  Katelynn and Trin discuss how they implement habits in their everyday routine to feel their best and show up as the highest version of themselves,  tips on building your own wellness routine, the importance of focusing on feeling good, some tips on cooking nutritious meals and girl-talk! 
Find Trin:
@trinitytondeleir, @thewellnesscafepod, @trinitytondeleir (TikTok), trin's yt
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- Katelynn IG 
- Katelynn's Food IG
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- Not Your Typical Podcast 
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