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Tom Nelson

Latimer Alder: Climate Data for Dummies | Tom Nelson Pod #174

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Latimer Alder is an Independent Commentator on Twitter and elsewhere. He's a Chemist by training, was a business-oriented IT guy by profession and spent a few years as The Man on the Clapham Omnibus.

He's keen on understanding the world by looking at real data and has called his presentation 'Climate Data for Dummies' in homage to the excellent set of IT textbooks that try to explain complicated things in a way that ordinary. non-specialist people can understand.

00:00 Introduction and Background

01:10 Understanding Climate Data

02:28 Journey to Climate Commentary

06:05 The Importance of Data in Science

09:01 The Impact of COVID-19

14:36 Understanding Carbon Dioxide Levels

17:43 Global Temperature Changes

23:21 The Role of Photosynthesis in Climate Change

28:01 The Impact of Climate Change on Food Production

30:40 Debunking Climate Change Myths

31:33 Climate Change and Its Impact on Different Regions

32:06 Life Expectancy and Climate Change

32:46 Understanding Sea Level Rise

34:43 The Misconception of Melting Ice and Sea Level

35:01 The Reality of Rising Sea Levels

35:59 The Maldives and Climate Change

37:31 Understanding the Real Numbers of Climate Disasters

41:52 The Truth About Wildfires and Climate Change

45:14 The Impact of Hurricanes and Climate Change

49:02 The Quest for Global Net Zero Emissions

Slides for this podcast: https://tomn.substack.com/p/climate-data-for-dummies



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