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Triple Play: Alan Wake 2

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Jason, Maddy, and Kirk pull out their flashlights and go spelunking in the Dark Place for this week's episode, all about the wonderful new game Alan Wake 2. They talk about the increasingly fascinating Remedyverse, the game's Resident Evil inspirations, and try to figure out if Mr. Door was supposed to be played by Lance Reddick.

One More Thing:

Kirk: Blue Eye Samurai (Netflix)

Maddy: Quiz Lady (2023)

Jason: MCU (Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales, Gavin Edwards)


Variety on the turmoil at Marvel Studios: https://variety.com/2023/film/features/marvel-jonathan-majors-problem-the-marvels-reshoots-kang-1235774940/

Polygon feature on Blue Eye Samurai director Jane Wu: https://www.polygon.com/23945186/blue-eye-samurai-action-jane-wu-animation

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